New in version 20.12.0.


The subtitling tool allows you to add and edit subtitles directly in the timeline on a special subtitle track or by using the new subtitle window. You can also import (SRT/ASS) and export (SRT) subtitles.

There are 3 ways to add subtitle:

  • Menu

    • Project ‣ Subtitle ‣ Add Subtitle

  • Keyboard

    • Shift + S adds a subtitle.

  • Icon and Mouse

    • Click Add Subtitle icon in the timeline toolbar to open the subtitle track in the timeline.

    • Double-click in the subtitle track to add a subtitle.

Adding and editing text

Add or editing text either directly into the subtitle clip or in the subtitle window.

Adjust the length of subtitle

Grab the end of a subtitle with the mouse and lengthen or shorten it as needed. Set subtitle in/out can be achieved with the same shortcut as to set clip in/out (left/right parenthesis shortcut).

Subtitle window

subtitle window
  • The subtitles window allows easier editing and also makes it possible to easily navigate between subtitles with the Left and Right buttons.

  • With the plus sign button, you can add subtitles.

  • The scissors are mostly here for divide subtitles: let’s say your subtitle text is too long and you want to make it 2 different subtitles. Put the cursor in the text widget where you want to cut and click the scissors, it will split the text between 2 different subtitle items. The scissors are only working when the playhead is over the subtitle itself.

  • The tick button adds the text to the subtitle.

Import and export subtitle

Importing SRT and ASS subtitle file: Project ‣ Subtitles ‣ Import Subtitle File

Exporting SRT subtitles only: Project ‣ Subtitles ‣ Export Subtitle File


SRT supports markup for: bold, italic, underline, text color and line break.

  • <b>text in boldface</b>

  • <i>text in italics</i>

  • <u>text underlined</u>

  • <font color="#00ff00"> text in green</font> you can use the font tag only to change color.

  • And all combined: <font color="#00ff00"><b><i><u>All combined</u></i></b></font>

  • Line break: Add on the end of each line a <br> (for break). Now the .srt file is stored correct and reopened with the line break. The subtitle in the subtitle window will be all in 1 line after several save but the breaks is working.

Alt + arrow jumps from subtitle to subtitle.

New in version 21.04.0.

Spelling check

Spelling check for subtitle is integrated and shows incorrect words by a red wiggly line. Right-click on the word and you get a list of possible words you can choose by click on it.

Spell check