Main Title

Level 1 title

Level 2 title

Level 3 title

Do not use level 4 title

File name:

  • Not longer than 40 character incl. “.rst”

  • No space in any file name (including pictures)!

  • All in lowercase letters

Code quality

  • 1 empty line between title or text paragraph

  • 2 empty lines after a :ref: or before a reference

After a command with .. next line must be indented by 3 blank spaces to make the below line is part of the command. The number of indent spaces must be always the same.

Optional text which appears when the picture is not found

Description of the picture (caption or legend)

The rst-class:: clear-both resets floating text before a new chapter

Images side by side

nikon-50mm any text nikon-35mm

These lines are
broken exactly like in
the source file.

Exponent 2 8 = 256

This is a footnote [1]

This is a next footnote [2]

Link to a file quickstart-tutorial/Videos/

Download link kdenlive-tutorial-videos-2011-ogv.tar.bz2

This is a link to Main Title and shows the text below the link

This is a link to edit_an-animation and show the word “here” here


This shows a note


This shows an attention window


This shows a tip window


This shows a hint window


This shows a warning window

This is bold text

This is italic text

backquotes text for code samples.

Use for menu selection File ‣ New (This is used to mark a complete sequence of menu selections, including selecting submenus and choosing a specific operation)

This shows an icon kdenlive-add-clip (all linked icons check substitutions in

This is a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Wheel (keep the 2 keys inside 1 ` ` due to translation reasons)

This is a text in the GUI Play (Including button labels, window titles, field names, menu and menu selection names, and even values in selection lists)

This shows a code block
SUBSYSTEMS"usb", ATTRS{idVendor}

New in version 21.12: This feature was added in version 21.12

Changed in version 22.12: This feature was changed in version 22.12

Deprecated since version 23.04: This feature was exchanged or removed in version 23.04

Web page link open in a new window KDE

Web page link open in the same window KDE store

  • This is a bulleted list.

  • It has two items, the second item uses two lines.

  1. This is a numbered list.

  2. It has two items too.

  3. This is a numbered list.

  4. It has two items too.

Toctree (Toc = Table of Content) adds the content on the left side sidebar. Only needed if there are subfolders.