Using camcorder proxy clips

New in version 19.04.

Kdenlive’s refactoring version, due in April 2019 now supports using external proxy clips. Some camcorders, like Sony PXW-X70 and others allow you to record proxy clips during the normal recording operation.

For Sony camcorders, the file layout is the following:

  • On your SD card, you will have a folder with original full resolution clips (called “Clips”) and a folder with low res proxy clips (called “Sub”).

  • The proxy clips will end with “S03.MP4” instead of “.MXF”.

For example:

Original clip:




In Kdenlive we now have a file called externalproxies.rc that will be installed in $INSTALL_PREFIX/share/kdenlive/externalproxies.rc / Windows: KDENLIVE_INSTALL_FOLDER/bin/data/kdenlive/externalproxies.rc. This is a text file that lists supported camcorder profiles, giving indication about the path and name of proxy clips. This is currently in the form: profile name = Proxy folder (relative to original clip) ; Proxy clip prefix; Proxy clip suffix; Original folder (relative to proxy file); original clip prefix; original clip suffix.

For example for Sony camcorder, we have:

Sony PXW=../Sub;;S03.MP4;../Clip;;.MXF

Then, in the project settings you can check the “External proxy” feature and select your camcorder profile. Then, you can add a clip to your project, and it will automatically use the camcorder generated proxy instead of creating a new one. You can also directly add the proxy clip in the project and it will be recognized as a proxy.

This greatly improves workflow if you have such camcorder. Other camcorder brands also enable the creation of proxy clips, so if you have one, please send us information about the path and naming schemes so we can include it in Kdenlive