Rotieren und Scheren



This effect/filter allows to rotate the clip in any three directions.

The effect has keyframes but not for the rotation and the shear degrees. This is controlled by the Animate parameters.





Rotate X / Y / Z

Set the amount of rotation in degrees * 10. For example: 900 = 90 degrees rotation.

Animate Rotate X / Y / Z

Same as Rotate. The clip is rotated by that amount every frame.

Shear X / Y

Set the amount of shear in degrees * 10. For example: 450 = 45 degrees shear (diagonal).

Animate Shear X / Y

Same as Shear. The clip is sheared by that amount every frame.

X / Y / W / H / Size

Allows to move (X, Y) and zoom (Size) the clip at the same time

Background Color

Define the background color to be used when rotating or shearing reveals the background. Default is Alpha.


The axes for rotation and shear are different than for moving a clip. The latter uses the monitor plane: X = width or horizontal axis, Y = height or vertical axis. For rotation and shear the plane is tilted by 90 degrees „into the monitor“ and rotated 90 degrees clockwise around the vertical axis. This results in the X axis coming out of/going into the monitor, the Y axis being along the width of the monitor and the Z axis being along the height of the monitor. See image below.


Rotate and Shear effect axis visualization