TAP Plugins

This category consists of effects and filters from the LADSPA library pertaining to TAP (Tom's Audio Plugins).

The following filters and effects are available but not documented here. Please refer to the TAP (Tom's Audio Plugins) documentation for more details using the LADSPA identifier listed in the description of the filter.

  • TAP AutoPanner

  • TAP Chorus/Flanger

  • TAP DeEsser

  • TAP Dynamics (M)

  • TAP Dynamics (St)

  • TAP Equalizer

  • TAP Equalizer/BW

  • TAP Fractal Doubler

  • TAP Pink/Fractal Noise

  • TAP Pitch Shifter

  • TAP Reflector

  • TAP Reverberator

  • TAP Rotary Speaker

  • TAP Scaling Limiter

  • TAP Sigmoid Booster

  • TAP Stereo Echo

  • TAP Tremolo

  • TAP TubeWarmth

  • TAP Vibrato