CMT Plugins

This category consists of effects and filters from the LADSPA library pertaining to CMT (Computer Music Toolkit). They usually require specific hardware.

The following filters and effects are available but not documented here. Please refer to the CMT documentation for more details using the LADSPA identifier listed in the description of the filter.

  • Ambisonic Decoder

  • Ambisonic Encoder

  • Ambisonic Rotation

  • Amplifier Mono

  • Amplifier Stereo

  • Amplitude Modulator

  • Canyon Delay

  • Echo Delay Line

  • Feedback Delay Line

  • FMH-Format to B-Format

  • Freeverb (Version 3)

  • Granular Scatter Processor

  • High Pass Filter (One Pole)

  • Identity (Audio)

  • Low Pass Filter (Audio)

  • Mixer (Stereo to Mono)

  • Simple Compressor

  • Simple Expander

  • Simple Limiter

  • Sine Oscillator

  • VCF 303

  • Wave Shaper (Sine-Based)