Exporting in Kdenlive means Rendering, or vice versa. Rendering turns the project’s timeline with all the edited clips into the final product: a single complete video file.

Kdenlive uses Presets or Rendering Profiles to control or determine the output. You can create your own presets and profiles.

Hit Ctrl+Return to open the rendering dialog or use the Menu ‣ Project ‣ Render and click on the render button media-record.


Rendering dialog window

  • Select the Output file location

  • Select the desired Presets. MP4-H264/AAC works nearly everywhere.

  • Click on Render to File button.

Once the video is rendered you can double-click the blue banner with the file name to start playback.


Window after rendering is complete

Or right-click on the file name to either Add to current project or Open contained folder where the video is saved.