GPS Text



This effect/filter overlays GPS-related text onto the image source. GPS Text will search for keywords in the text to be overlaid and will replace those keywords on a frame-by-frame basis. It is based on the Dynamic Text effect/filter.







The text to be displayed. You can add any other text between keywords.

<select a keyword>


Select the keyword to add to the Text field. Keywords must be enclosed in ‘#’.

GPS File


The full path of file containing location (GPS) data. Supported extensions are .gpx and .tcx.

Time offset in seconds


An offset to be added to the video file to match it to the GPS track. Most of the time this will at least need to be set to the timezone difference between the two files plus some seconds if the video recording device is not precisely set to the correct time. GPS time is always exact and in UTC[1]. Use positive values if GPS is ahead of video, and negative otherwise.

Smoothing level


Determines how many GPS points to smooth in order to eliminate GPS errors. A value of 0 only exposes the raw values from the file. A value of 1 does not smooth locations, it only calculates the extra fields (speed, distance, etc) it also interpolates missing values for heart rate and altitude.

Updates per second


Controls how many times per second the GPS text is updated on video (interpolated). A value of 0 will only update text when a real GPS point has been recorded.

The following keywords are available:

GPS latitude

the GPS latitude value

GPS longitude

the GPS longitude value

GPS altitude

the GPS altitude or elevation value

GPS speed

GPS speed

distance so far

Total distance so far

date and time of current GPS point

date and time of current GPS point shown

date and time of current frame in video file

date and time of current frame in video file

heart rate

heart rate (if present in GPS file)

current GPS_bearing

current GPS bearing (degrees 0-360)

current GPS direction

current GPS direction (8 divisions: N, NE, E, etc)

GPS altitude gain so far

total GPS altitude gain so far

GPS altitude loss so far

total GPS altitude loss so far

distance travelled uphill

total distance travelled uphill so far

distance travelled downhill

total distance travelled downhill so far

distance travelled on flat area

total distance travelled on flat area so far

Time-based keywords can include a strftime[2] format string to customize the output and a number (representing seconds) preceeded by ‘+’ or ‘-’ which will offset the actual time. For example, #gps_datetime_now %I:%M:%S %p +3600# shows only the time in 12-hour format, offset by 1 hour.

Speed and distance keywords may include an extra format keyword to convert the value to metric/imperial units. Default is meters and km/h respectively.

Supported formats:

  • Distance: m|meter, km|kilometer, mi|mile, ft|feet, nm|nautical

  • Speed: ms|m/s|meters, km|km/h|kilo, mih|mi/h|mileh, fts|ft/s|feets, kn|nm/h|knots.

The ‘#’ may be escaped with ‘\’.