Visit the download page of the Kdenlive Web site for up to date information on installing Kdenlive.

Non-KDE Desktops

Kdenlive can be installed on non-KDE Desktops without any issues.

Kdenlive on macOS

Kdenlive and MLT can compile and run under macOS. There is no stable macOS version yet, but you can help to have one soon by testing our daily macOS version (available on the download page). If you have experience with building software for macOS, please help us!

Configuration Information

Kdenlive’s application-wide persistent settings are stored in the following locations, depending on your platform.





General settings of the application. Delete this and restart Kdenlive to reset the application to “factory” settings


temporary session info


cache location storing audio and video thumbnails, and proxy clips



contains user library clips, speech models, profiles and titles



lumas folder inside here contains the files used for Composition - Wipe



Auto Save Recovery files