Installation Troubleshooting

I am missing a package and cannot install Kdenlive

A dependency is missing and it is recommended to install it.


This package provides many effects and transitions. Without it, Kdenlive’s features will be reduced. You can simply install frei0r-plugins from your package manager.

Breeze icons

Many icons used by Kdenlive come from the Breeze Icons package. Without it, many parts of the UI will not appear correctly. You can simply install breeze-icon-theme or breeze-icons from your package manager.


Download and install MediaInfo from here

My MLT installation cannot be found, or Kdenlive cannot start MLT backend

There is obviously something wrong with your MLT installation. Either it is not installed or not in a standard location. You can test your MLT installation from a terminal by typing melt color:red. This should bring up a red window (press q to close it).

  • If you see an error message try reinstalling MLT or check that you don’t have several versions installed on the system

  • If you see the red window, check where your MLT is installed: which melt. Then delete Kdenlive’s config file ($HOME/.config/kdenliverc) and restart Kdenlive.

Kdenlive says a MLT module is missing. What do I do?

An MLT dependency is missing and it is required to install it.


Is used to output audio. Install libsdl 1.x from your package manager.


Is the FFmpeg module. Make sure you have ffmpeg installed on your system.


Make sure libxml2 is installed. On Windows, ensure that no conflicting libxml2.dll is placed in C:\Windows\System32 or comparable folders. If you find a libxml2.dll there, try to rename it to libxml2.old.dll and then to restart kdenlive. Note that renaming libxml2.dll in folder System32 may break whichever other app has put libxml2.dll there.

It says that the following codecs were not found in my system…

Some audio / video codecs are not installed by default. Installing a package called libavcodec-extra might solve the problem.

On openSuse, you need to add the packman repository, then enable replace vendor package on the packman repository.