Interleave - Deinterleave

This effect/filter interleaves or deinterleave fields.

This filter allows one to process interlaced images fields without deinterlacing them. Deinterleaving splits the input frame into 2 fields (so-called half pictures). Odd lines are moved to the top half of the output image, even lines to the bottom half. You can process (filter) them independently and then re-interleave them.

The effect does not have keyframes.


Interleave - Deinterleave effect

  • Luma / Chroma / Alpha Mode - Options are None (do nothing), Deinterleave (deinterleave fields, placing one above the other), or Interleave (interleave fields; reverse the effect of deinterleaving).

  • Swap Luma / Chroma / Alpha fields - Swap luma, chroma or alpha fields, Exchanges even and odd lines. Default is off.