Kernel Deinterlacer

This effect/filter deinterlaces input video by applying Donald Graft’s adaptive kernel deinterling. Work on interlaced parts of a video to produce progressive frames.

The effect does not have keyframes.


Kernel Deinterlacer effect

  • Threshold - Sets the threshold which affects the filter’s tolerance when determining if a pixel line must be processed. It must be an integer in the range [0,255] and defaults to 10. A value of 0 will result in applying the process on every pixels.

  • Paint in white pixels exceeding the threshold - Paint pixels exceeding the threshold value to white if set to On. Default is Off.

  • Swap fields - Sets the fields order. Swap fields if set to On, leave fields alone if Off. Default is Off.

  • Enable additional sharpening - Default is Off

  • Enable twoway sharpening - Default is Off