Edge Detection

This effect/filter detects and draws edges using the Canny edge detection algorithm[1].

The effect does not have keyframes.


Edge Detection effect

  • Low / High threshold - Set low and high threshold values used by the algorithm. The High threshold selects the “strong” edge pixels, which are then connected through 8-connectivity with the “weak” edge pixels selected by the Low threshold. Range is from 0.000 to 1.000 with Low threshold being lower or equal to High threshold.

  • Modes - Define the drawing mode: Options are Wires (default; draw white/gray wires on black background), Colormix (mix the colors to create a paint/cartoon effect), and Canny (applies Canny edge detector on all selected planes).

  • Planes - Select the planes for filtering. Options are None, Y/U/V and combinations (default is YUV), and Alpha