The Archiving feature (Project ‣ Archive Project, see Project Menu) in Kdenlive allows you to copy all files required by the project (images, video clips, project files,…) to a folder, and alternatively to compress the whole into a tar.gz or a zip file.

Archiving changes the project file to update the path of video clips to the archived versions.

This can be useful if you finished working on a project and want to keep a copy of it, or if you want to move a project from one computer to another.

Kdenlive Arcive Open

The resulting tar.gz or zip file can be opened directly in Kdenlive with File ‣ Open, then switch file ending to Archived Project.

Kdenlive Open Archived Project

Kdenlive will uncompress it to a location you specify before opening it.

Kdenlive Missing Clips

If you have archived the project with the option Archive only timeline clips, Kdenlive ask what it should do with the not archived clips.