Project File Details

Kdenlive projects consist in a singe .kdenlive file (in XML format), gathering :

  • target video and audio properties

  • references to all the source materials (and to their lighter proxies work copies)

  • clips arrangement on the timeline, with effects applied, and everything to get the final result

Project files are associated with a working directory, in which Kdenlive will generate proxies and thumbs, so that an overview of your media always shows up quickly (if you move your project file, you should declare the directory change in the project properties).

New in version 20.08.0: A major refactoring of the project file fixes a long standing issue with the decimal separator (comma/point) conflict causing many crashes.


Projects created with 20.08 forward are not backwards compatible, that is, you won’t be able to open your .kdenlive project files with older versions.