Kdenlive Manual

Welcome to the manual for Kdenlive, the free and open source video editor.

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Getting started

Quick Start

Basic workflow with a video example.

User Interface

User Interface

Introduction to Kdenlive’s window system and widgets

Project Settings Dialog

Setting the correct project values

Keyboard Shortcuts

Improve your workflow by using the keyboard


Importing and assets management

Load files into Kdenlive and be prepared

Starting video editing

Cutting and assembling

Start editing in the Timeline

See how the time line and the monitors are working

Effects and Compositions

Add video and audio effects and compositions.

Create Titles and Subtitles and use Speech to Text.

Make color correction.


Render out your final video for distributing.

Troubleshooting, Glossary, Get Involved


Solving specific Windows Issues

General problem solving

Bug Reports

How to file a bug.


References and further information.

Get Involved

Contribute to this Manual.