Grouping clips allows you to lock clips together so that you can move them as a group and still retain their positions relative to each element in the group.

How to group clips

You can select multiple clips in preparation for grouping them by holding shift and clicking the mouse and dragging in the timeline.


To group the selected clips select Timeline ‣ Group Clips or right-click the selected clips and choose Group Clips or use the shortcut Ctrl+G.

Edit grouped clips

Select an item in a group with Alt+click and it gets a red border. You can then perform on that clip following operations:

  • delete (hit del)

  • move (drag with the mouse)

Cutting grouped clips

Grouping is also useful if you have separate audio and video tracks and need to cut and splice both tracks at exactly the same point (e.g. for audio sync reasons).

If you cut the video clip using the Editing when there is an audio clip grouped to it, then Kdenlive cuts the audio clip at the same point automatically.

Kdenlive_Grouped_video_audio kdenlive_arrow_right Kdenilve_Cutting_grouped_clips

Removing clip grouping

To remove the grouping on clips, select the group of clips and choose Timeline ‣ Ungroup Clips or right-click the selected clips and choose Ungroup Clips or use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+G.


Q: How to delete sound track only?

A: Right-click on the clip and choose Split Audio. The audio will move to an audio track but be grouped with the video track.


Right-click again and choose Ungroup Clips.

Then you can delete just the audio track.

Alternatively you can keep the audio in the clip and use the Audio Correction ‣ Mute effect to just mute the soundtrack on the clip.

Yet another method is to select Video only from the Clip Menu.