This effect/filter adjusts shadows, midtones and highlights of an image using curves. It is similar to the Color Levels or Levels effects but with the option to create additional points along the curve allowing for pinpoint accuracy when adjusting brightness values.

This filter does not have keyframes.


Curves effect

  • Channel - Set the channel to which the curve applies. Options are RGB (default), Red, Green, Blue, Alpha, Luma and Saturation.

  • Luma formula - Set the color space in which the application takes place. Options are Rec. 709 (default) and Rec. 601.

  • In - Set the Input value

  • Out - Set the Output value

  • Show graph in picture - Check this box to overlay the graph onto the image in the Project Monitor. Note that this influences the RGB Parade and Histogram widgets.

  • Graph position - Select the position for the graph. Options are Top left, Top right, Bottom left and Bottom right (default).


It is recommended to use this effect while in Color layout as this comes with RGB Parade and Histogram already switched on. If you want to use the effect while in Editing or Effects layout turn on the Histogram widget with Menu ‣ View ‣ Histogram.