Download New Render Profiles

Note: Between August, 2013 and October 2014 this feature had been unavailable and the “Get Hot New Stuff” window will wait forever to update. See Mantis 3133. From around Oct 2014 this feature has been re-instated. However as at Oct 2015 there are only two profiles available for download.

The workaround for this issue is to use Kdenlive ver 0.9.10 (or higher) and create your own new render profiles and make use of the melt property presets – as described Render Profile Parameters.

This feature allows you to download new render profiles that have been shared by the community. These will then appear as options in the Rendering window.


The new render profile installed above shows up in the Web Sites category under Custom.



It has the big red cross because the render profile is in need of an audio codec not installed on this machine

The installed files are placed in /usr/share/mlt/presets/consumer/avformat

Upload/Share Render Profiles

If you want to share a render profile you can do so at the Create Rendering profile page at Profiles submitted there appear in the Download New Render Profiles.

Unfortunately the Create Rendering Profile page is only available to users logged in to and is not taking on new members.